Vertical Citizens
Web Documentary follows the inhabitants of Rem Koolhaas’ ‘De Rotterdam’, a brand new skyscraper and the first ‘vertical city’ in The Netherlands. Here, people are invited to live, work and relax 24/7, all in one building.

The project ‘Vertical Citizens’ consists of a television- and a web documentary. The television documentary follows five specific main characters. Parallel to this, the website documents the population and activity within the building as a whole, in 24 ‘snapshots’ of 24 hours of monitoring the building. The website focusses on themes as community building, social contact, and explores how the concept and ideal of this ‘self contained universe’ works in daily life.

Client Self-initiated
Funding Creative Industries Fund, Transmedia / E-culture

Year 2015 - 2016
Media Web documentary
My role Concept, Data research, Interaction & Web Design, Prototyping

Christopher Pietz - Datavisualisation
Daria Scagliola - Photography
Ineke Smits - Film
Jeroen Stout - Audio
Bas Vroege, Paradox - Producer